Jenniffer Rodriguez

Analytical, Detail Oriented and Tech Savvy

For the past 10 years, She has helped start-up companies grow their brand in many different departments. Achieving their goals, and improving the overall feel of the business was her forte.

From Retail to Logistics, Customer Service, and Marketing, she has always found her way to provide the best results for the owner and their clients.

Helping Upscaled companies was good but she found her passion in helping small businesses build their dream job and decided to share her skills with all who need it;  whether is improving your website, developing a product, designing your logo, and even managing your social media account, we are excited to work with you! 

Frank Rodriguez

Problem-Solving Skills and Amazing Customer Care

Introducing Frank, a dynamic professional whose journey through the realms of inventory control management, customer care, and leadership has been nothing short of remarkable. With over a decade of experience in these multifaceted roles, Frank is a true maestro in the world of business operations.

As an inventory control manager, Frank has consistently demonstrated a keen eye for detail and a relentless dedication to efficiency.

Outside the professional sphere, Frank is a dedicated volunteer and community advocate. He understands the importance of giving back and shares he expertise to mentor emerging professionals and make a meaningful impact on the community.

In conclusion Frank is invaluable asset in any organization, setting the standard for operational excellence and client satisfaction.

Our Goal

Help improve your business presence online and anywhere, by optimizing your business tools and marketing strategy. Working with you to turn your vision into reality!


Our Mission

To care. Working on every detail to market your business, most importantly keeping in mind your specific needs and goals.